Goodbye, Standalone Driving Mode!

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Goodbye, Standalone Driving Mode!

Until recently, sitting behind the wheel, you could say, "Hey, Google, launch Driving Mode." After that, the program started an autonomous Assistant that helped you while driving. On November 21, this feature will be removed, but don't shout it from the rooftops. For someone,  an alternative remains.

What benefits did the autonomous Driving Mode with Assistant support, launched in 2021, provide us? While behind the wheel, you could quickly manage navigation, contacts, audio, etc. In addition, the program responded to touch shortcuts and voice commands, which was very convenient. However, the 9to5Google report informs about the termination of the option.

Despite its attractiveness, the function was not unique and irreplaceable, at least for a certain part of drivers. After all, every car owner probably knows and actively uses the Driving Mode integrated with Google Maps. It was created before the autonomous application was available. This mode launches automatically after you start navigating in Google Maps.

It was not for nothing that we noted that some may still be more dissatisfied after removing the program that provided comfort during the trip. First, we are talking about those whose car is not equipped with a digital navigation center with Android Auto. The autonomous modification was planned to replace Android Auto. As was known, Google stopped supporting this program with Android 12.

Do you use a standalone Driving Mode? If it can be uncomfortable for you to drive without this app?

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