Google Will Stop the Work of Android Auto for Phone Screens

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Google Will Stop the Work of Android Auto for Phone Screens

According to 9to5Google, users soon won’t be able to use Android Auto for Phone Screens. The app has been widely used by people who don’t have the newest cars that run Android Auto on the infotainment screen, so there will surely be plenty of disappointed users.
Android Auto for Phone Screens has been a great feature that simplified the Android in-care interface when you decided to mount your phone on the dashboard. The app made the experience of using your phone in the car safer, but now it seems that people will have to look for other solutions.
Last year, Google already disabled this application for the new Android 12 devices, so only people who have older phones could install it. As of now, the company’s representatives didn’t mention when this service will stop working. Android Auto for Phone Screens has become an accessible go-to solution for numerous people that want the benefits of Android Auto without getting a specific car. Now, users will need to get a new head unit installed or get a newer car if they want to continue having the Android Auto experience.
Android Auto interface has numerous advantages. Compared to the driving mode of Google Assistant, it doesn’t distract and you don’t need to hold a phone in your hands to get adjust all the settings. This is something that can happen with Google Assistant if it doesn’t recognize your voice request right away.
Google already has an extensive car operating system Android Automotive, which is installed in some cars. The company improved its Android Auto experience in 2021 by enhancing its responsiveness and adding other features.
What do you think about this decision of Google? Have you used Android Auto for Phone Screens in your car? Please, tell us what you think in the comments below.


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