New Features of Google Workspace: The Further, the More Convenient

  • Ethan Montgomery
  • Oct 10, 2022
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New Features of Google Workspace: The Further, the More Convenient

New times present us with new challenges and form new habits. In particular, we must be ready to work anywhere and anytime. The new features of Google Slides and Meet allow you to do this quickly and efficiently.

Someone with a laptop on a train or plane no longer surprises anyone. You can travel to other continents but stay in the work rhythm. And all this is possible thanks to Google programs, which constantly delight with new functions. For a long time, the company has done its best to bring together its services and provide the best experience for its users.

Few projects are complete without presentations, so the company decided to make creating and editing Slides as flexible and convenient as possible, especially in limited road conditions. You can supplement your presentation with texts, images, and other content created in other Android apps. You only need to drag and drop the necessary data—and your ideal presentation is ready.

The second Google announcement concerns Google Meet, designed to make the meeting process more transparent and efficient. From now on, you will see detailed information about guests. Namely, you will have the opportunity to find out where they work and their out-of-office status. You will also be notified if the meeting is scheduled during the guest's non-working hours and if the invitee is joining from the meeting room.

Do you often work on the way? Do these features look useful to you?

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