Telegram Releases Video Transcription Among Other Updates

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Telegram Releases Video Transcription Among Other Updates

While Telegram keeps blaming Apple for the pause in updates, the company is ready to cheer up its users with more features. The platform offers more emojis, usernames you can collect, and group topics which may ease your life. Apart from that, there is a useful transcription for videos called voice-to-text.

You can access the transcription of the video by using the “→A” button at the lower right corner of the video. Yet, this feature is not available to everyone. You have to be a Premium user to be able to read transcription similarly to the transcription of voice messages that are already there. Don’t worry, if you really need to use the feature or any other premium features, a subscription offered by Telegram is not that expensive. You need to pay only $4.99 per month to receive lots of benefits, life without ads, better speed while you are downloading files and a limit of 4GB. If you prefer not to pay for the services, you have to deal with the ads and no voice-to-text feature.

Free account owners also receive benefits in the new update from Telegram. There are Topics features available in Groups. Communities that have more than 200 people inside can create unique spaces that look like private chats with notifications that are not connected to the bigger Group. You may find similarities with Discord which also offer specific discussions as well as common chats for everyone. Users can already check this feature in the public group Telegram.

Another new feature is Collectible Usernames. They are NFTs that can be bought through the Fragment. There are rules that don’t allow users to make names longer than five characters.

What do you think about the changes Telegram released? Do you use this messaging app? Express your thoughts in the comments below.


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