Instagram Launching Creator Marketplace for Brands and Creators

  • Emilia Westwood
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Instagram Launching Creator Marketplace for Brands and Creators

The year-long testing period seems to be over, and now Instagram has launched a feature that allows US companies to find and connect with creators on the app. The successful results of this testing enabled Instagram to come up with a solution that brands can now utilize to collaborate with suitable creators — Creator Marketplace.

The new tool greatly simplifies finding potential influencer matches for projects or campaigns. They have proved successful on Instagram, with a ratio of 77% of marketers laying aside budgets for their creator campaigns on Instagram. Advertisers can generate lists of influencers, use filters based on a chosen audience, and check for the tagged creators. Brands will benefit from using Meta Business Suite to filter creators by age, gender, number of followers, and specific interests. As soon as their choice is narrowed, companies can come up with projects and campaigns to share with the selected influencers. 

What is commonly included in projects? It is typically a campaign overview, compassion, the wanted deliverables, and other relevant data. Creators can interact with brands they are further eager to work with and collaborate on chosen campaigns. 

Though the testing by Instagram is coming to an end, there is still some work to do before the launch. The final stages of testing will help ensure the marketplace will be suitable for the majority of marketers. If you support the idea this novelty will be beneficial both to brands and creators, please, write your thoughts in the comments box and join the discussion.

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