Modern Warfare 3 Launches Ingenious Armory Unlock to Expedite Weapons Progression

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Modern Warfare 3 Launches Ingenious Armory Unlock to Expedite Weapons Progression

Modern Warfare 3 debuts an innovative feature, Armory Unlock. This enables players to acquire weapons, attachments, and more in a more streamlined manner. This new system allows players to unlock game components earlier.

While Infinity Ward tried to streamline the process with Modern Warfare 2, the system fell short of expectations. Players found the process of unlocking certain components, like the FTAC Recon, too complex. This involved leveling up the M14 to 14 or an equivalent requirement for a shotgun to get an AR attachment. The process was seen as "mind-boggling" by many in the gaming community.

Fan feedback revealed the dissatisfaction of players who were compelled to use weapons that didn't align with their preferences. It remains uncertain whether the platform system will be eradicated in MW3. However, Sledgehammer Games unveiled a clever expedient solution with the Armory Unlock feature.

Here's a comprehensive look at what Armory Unlock challenges entail:

Armory Unlock is essentially a challenge system in Modern Warfare 3. It lets players gain early access to weapons, equipment, perks, killstreaks, and attachments.

Upon reaching level 25, players activate the Armory Unlock system. Players can then focus on unlocking an item that hasn't been unlocked thus far and then begin progressing towards unlocking it. Progress is earned through the completion of daily and bonus challenges.

Bonus challenges provide repetitive tasks that unlock upon the completion of all daily challenges. These Challenges are infinitely repeatable. Victory in a multiplayer match earns progress in Bonus Challenges, and Contracts Completion aids progress in Zombies mode. CharlieIntel's feature spotlight on this exciting new aspect was enthusiastically received.

Many developers were positive about this new system. One Modern Warfare 3 player commented, saying it could serve as an excellent alternative for players uninterested in level grinding. Additionally, the system was described as "really cool" and effective in expediting the unlocking of attachment processes. As such, the community breathed a collective sigh of relief that they might no longer need to level up other weapons.

The full effects of these changes will be appreciated as Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer servers roll out soon.

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