More Inappropriate Content Filtering Options From TikTok

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More Inappropriate Content Filtering Options From TikTok

The company has already added parental controls to deal with criticism over user security and exposure to inappropriate content. However, to reduce the possibility of a young audience contacting the potentially harmful videos, the team has also come up with filtering options to exclude videos that can be unsafe for youngsters. 

The latest addition empowers users to decide if recommended content is appropriate for them or not. Previously, the For You feed enabled users to explore new content from creators they like or already follow. Now, they can use the “not interested” function to skip videos published by a creator.

TikTok is also inventing new ways for users to auto-filter videos with hashtags or words they prefer not to see. For example, if you are currently recovering from a breakup, you might not want to see videos relating to “couples” and could hide them with a fresh function. Extreme fitness and dieting videos are also included in the list of potentially harmful ones. According to the developers, they strive to build a platform where users will have access to content, creators, and topics they love. The team is also training their systems to support new languages since they aim to take these tests to more markets in the coming months.

In a couple of weeks, TikTok also will launch a system to structurize content based on thematic maturity. Thus users aged 13 to 17 will not be shown particular videos intended for adults, either too frightening or sexualized. When it comes to private security and mental health, nothing seems extra preventive to us. Have you already used the parental control feature, or are you from the young category looking for some other changes except for the aforementioned in this post? Please, leave your thoughts on the news in the comments box below.

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