Unleash Your Canine Companion: Acquiring the Dog Schematic in COD: MW3 Zombies

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Unleash Your Canine Companion: Acquiring the Dog Schematic in COD: MW3 Zombies

Are you ready to unleash a fierce ally into the heart-pounding world of COD: MW3 Zombies? The Dog Schematic is your ticket to call upon a loyal Level 3 Hell Hound ready to stand by your side, protect and revive your teammates, and take the fight to the enemy. Here’s your step-by-step guide on how to obtain this coveted schematic and craft a paw-some in-game advantage!

Step 1: Engage with Reward Rifts

Engage with Reward Rifts

The battlefield is full of unexpected surprises, one of which is the lucrative Reward Rifts. These mystical portals are usually gifted to you after you deal with high-priority targets or upon the completion of specific contracts. Your mission? Engage in these Red Zone challenges with vigor.

  • Be on the lookout for the Reward Rifts – your perseverance will pay off. While the Dog Schematic isn't a guaranteed drop, the only sure thing is that you won't get it if you don't try!
  • These Rifts are generous but unpredictable; some fighters secure the schematic swiftly, while others might need to display patience and grit, playing through numerous matches to achieve success.

Step 2: Venture into the Dark Aether Rift

The path less traveled often leads to the greatest rewards, and the Dark Aether Rift is a testament to this truth. With formidable level 4 adversaries waiting, make sure you're fully equipped to stand your ground.

  • Before stepping foot into this domain, amplify your firepower. Utilize the pack-a-punch machine to enhance your weapons, bolstering your arsenal for the challenging tasks ahead.
  • Within the Dark Aether Rift, your objective is clear: complete the contracts that are presented to you. Your dedication will be rewarded with the prized Dog Schematic.
  • An Elder Sigil acts as the key to unlocking your ability to obtain the Schematic. Secure this essential item by fulfilling contracts within these otherworldly confines.

Step 3: Craft Your Canine Protector

Craft Your Canine Protector

With the Schematic in hand, you're almost ready to call upon your Hell Hound companion. First, navigate to the Schematic Inventory. You'll find your journey's reward waiting to be crafted. Command the power of the Schematic to manifest the might of the Dog.

  • Put your Schematic to use by assembling the Dog in your Schematic Inventory. With just a few selections, your Hell Hound will be ready to follow your lead.
  • Note the 48-hour cooldown period for the Schematic post-use. Plan your battles accordingly, as thoughtful strategy ensures your Hell Hound support remains an ace up your sleeve.

Remember, soldier, securing the Dog Schematic is not merely about strength; it's a test of resilience, strategy, and your ability to adapt under pressure in COD: MW3 Zombies. Brace yourself for intense encounters, and with persistence, you'll have a loyal Hell Hound fighting by your side in no time. Ready up and let the hunt for the Dog Schematic begin!

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