Twitter’s New Anti-Propaganda Policy

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Twitter’s New Anti-Propaganda Policy

Twitter recently launched a new anti-fake policy that’s on a mission to prevent misleading and thus potentially hazardous stories from spreading across the social media platform. The enhancement is part of a much more comprehensive goal which is focusing on providing credible information during world’ major conflicts, crises, and disasters. Want to know more on the topic? Stay tuned and keep reading this article. 

Starting May 2022, the service will stop recommending or emphasizing posts that contain misleading information regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The same goes for the inside-Twitter false claims about other wars, tragedies, or humanitarian disasters. Following this new policy, Twitter will incorporate specific anti-fake warning notices and prevent its users from reacting in any way to posts that aggressively break this new rule. 

The newly introduced Twitter anti-propaganda policy is an addition to the already existing in-platform rules aimed at battling purposefully-manipulated services, fake stories and rumors about voting and elections, as well as misinformation related to such health topics as COVID-19 and vaccination, and the like. According to the social media platform, its extensive anti-fake efforts are based on an array of reliable individuals, communities, and services. 

In its recent blog post, Twitter representatives emphasized the immense importance of accessing credible information during armed conflicts, health crises, and large-scale natural disasters. We cannot but agree here. The question is, what’s freedom of choice and thought got to do with this massive restriction? Have anything to say about it? You’re welcome to let it all out in the comment section below. Add this post to favorites for more updates on the topic.

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