The 7 Best Games About School

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The 7 Best Games About School

For many, school seems to be a hateful place, but sometimes you want to go back to that carefree time when the main problem in life was poor grades. Video games have not spared the theme of everyday school life; this is not a role-playing game with the study of boring mathematics and chemistry but adventures with bullies or even wizards.
Let's remember together the best games in which the characters attend such different schools!


Bully game art

Rockstar Studios managed to go beyond criminal action movies like GTA and Manhunt with the help of satire on the education system. According to the plot of Bully, bully Jimmy Hopkins gets into one of the worst schools in America, and only fists and natural wit will help the hero survive in the "food chain" of this place. The course of events is tied to the seasons, so you can see school life in all its glory, along with various holidays.
It is worth highlighting the presence of lessons for which Jimmy can be caught and punished by perfects. The game features an open world: although it is small, compared to the same GTA, it is very cozy and has a large number of NPCs with their own names and characters. In general, Bully is already a classic, which can be dubbed a simulator of a carefree bully.

Skool Daze

Skool Daze gameplay screenshot

Skool Daze has become a pioneer in the field of school games. In it, we play as a bully who needs to steal his characterization from school. To accomplish this task, you must take down various shields bearing the organization's emblem and gather the letters that comprise the combination to the safe. The main character is the same teacher who will hamper Eric.

At one time, the game provided a good simulation of school life with lessons and changes. The students did not just wander around the school but performed certain actions. A certain number of random events added to the replayability. There is a re-release of Skool Daze Reskool with a lot of new content and redesigned graphics.


ObsCure gameplay

Sometimes, developers turn an ordinary high school into an arena for survival against bloodthirsty monsters. This was done by the authors of Obscure, which in many ways resembles the classic Resident Evil. Here, you need to solve puzzles, look for keys, and sometimes engage in battles with mutants.

To play ObsCure, you can choose one of five students who want to reveal the secrets of their school. As it turned out, there are tunnels and laboratories under the building of the educational institution where people are experimented on.

There is also a continuation of the story, but already within the walls of the university. The dilogy is considered iconic in the circles of fans of the survival horror genre.


Detention game screenshot

Continuing the theme of horror within the walls of schools, you can not pass by the indie game Detention. Its developers from Taiwan tried to make a full-fledged art project. But the gameplay is primitive: it resembles classic point-and-click quests with modern mechanics. The player needs to take turns controlling two characters who find themselves in an abandoned school.

One feature includes the incapacity to engage in combat with resident spectral entities. The hero can only run away or hide, praying that the monster does not notice him. Music and a distinctive visual style work to boost the atmosphere.

Lollipop Chainsaw

Lollipop Chainsaw game art

Many people know James Gunn as the author of scripts for films such as Guardians of the Galaxy and Suicide Squad, but he also had a hand in creating Lollipop Chainsaw. This is a great console game about a cheerleader who became a monster hunter. She needs to save her classmates, find Sensei, and stop the zombie apocalypse.

The talking head of the savior of the world's boyfriend has become an excellent accessory to the sports uniform, but she also has a chainsaw and many different fighting techniques at her disposal. Slasher fans will definitely enjoy the challenges that unlock new content, including the heroine's costumes. The light tone of the narration promotes replayability and allows you to relax in the process.

Lost Judgment

Lost Judgment game screenshot

In this spin-off, Like a Dragon (formerly Yakuza), players will take on the role of a private detective who works undercover at a private school and must solve a series of cases. The plot touches on the themes of bullying and revenge, and the passage resembles an action-packed thriller. You can also use your detective skills in side missions.

The narrative is intertwined with crushing battles. Three unique fighting styles will allow you to fight both a group of enemies and a single opponent. A variety of gadgets, such as drones and listening devices, will help in the investigation. There was also a place for fun: the main character of Lost Judgment could meet students, attend a dance club, and even join a biker gang.

Life is Strange

Life is Strange game art

Those who want to be alone with themselves and reflect on deep topics should pay attention to Life is Strange. This is a rather personal story that can remind you of the days of youth. The main character discovers the ability to rewind time: superpowers and mystical events become a metaphor for the character's internal conflicts.

Yes, the developers have created only the appearance of a non-linear plot here. In fact, few actions have serious consequences. And yet, the adventures of Max and her friend in the realities of an American school and a small town can cause a pleasant feeling of mild longing.

The years spent in school represent one of the most critical phases in an individual's life. You can't relive it in real life, but video games give you that opportunity. It's great that such projects are coming out and can delight gamers with unique mechanics and stories. And what games about school do you remember?

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